A colour image of The Beinn Eagagach Hydro Scheme working and generating electricity on Edradynate Estate, Perthshire
Beinn Eagagach Hydro SchemeHydro Scheme
13th December 2017

The Beinn Eagagach Hydro Scheme Successfully Generates Electricity

2017 sees the successful electricity production of the Beinn Eagagach Hydro Scheme continue into its second year. This hydro scheme is a joint initiative between Edradynate Estate and its neighbour,…
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A colour image of a Redwing which appear regularly for their ‘winter rations’ due to the continuing conservation efforts of gamekeepers and farmers at Edradynate Estate
20th December 2017

Conservation whatever the weather – Bright moments in dark winter days

Despite being in the midst of a hard frost with temperatures swooping to -12 degrees, Edradynate is still very much alive with wildlife supported by the continued conservation efforts of…
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